Hybrid Technology

Eco friendly vehicles are undoubtedly the future of road transportation

At UK Teknics we understand the importance of the quality of service expected by our clients. That's why we have invested in training our staff in the skills needed in servicing and repairing modern vehicles and even more so on the latest technologies that drive them. Hybrid, or Eco friendly vehicles are undoubtedly the future of road transportation, and so understanding how these technologies must be maintained and repaired has been among our main priorities.

One of the important factors to consider is that there are major differences in the way that these vehicles can be transported if breakdowns occur, so we use recovery services that understand the correct procedures for recovering Hybrid Vehicles.

Also, key components in the servicing of these vehicles are significantly different to standard petrol or diesel vehicles so servicing your vehicle by qualified technicians is vital. Our technicians are fully trained, to ensure that your vehicle is serviced correctly to manufacturers recommended specifications. New cars may seem infallible; indeed, this is the manufacturer's goal. But they will age, like everything else, and ultimately have problems. The serverity depends on upkeep, watchfulness, and original design. Hybrids are blessed with two motive systems, spreading the burden but also the potential for trouble.

The good news is that hybrids have proven exceedingly robust - catapulting their popularity into the mainstream. There are very few "common failures" to this point. We are all witnesses as the technology matures to middle-age. As the first hybrid specialty shop, UK Teknics is committed to the hybrid condition, for better and for worse. We subscribe to factory information systems and maintain dealer diagnostic and service tools. We collaborate with a broad network of hybrid intelligentsia - researchers, enthusiasts, and technicians from dealers and independents.